August 25, 1946
Retired - Ex Military
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Retired Military Officer - Canadian Forces
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A retired infantry officer, with 35 years service in the infantry both enlisted and as an officer. Took up writing on citizen journalist sites over four years ago, writing about current events, politics, both U.S. and Canadian. My background has provided me the opportunity to do analysis and reports on Afghanistan, and other NATO or UN actions. After retirement I worked as facilitator for military personnel in simulation training. This involved both sub-unit to Brigade level training. The simulator permitted the sub-unit commander to move his military assets in real time and showed the effects of his action. In some cases enemy forces were either programmed or played live by another facilitator. Also spend some time at the Canadian Maneouvre Training Centre as an operator analyst. The GPS based system there depicts all personnel on a computer screen with the background of a map in real time. The system records all actions to allow replay later. The job entailed monitoring of the training and preparing After Action Reviews (AAR). The training, during my time there, was to prepare troops for Afghanistan. The AARs give the military commander feedback on their operations and permits self-critique by members of his unit.
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